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Getserversideprops in component

This is applicable for when verifying a session in getServerSideProps or getInitialProps. For this guide, we will assume that we want to pass the logged in user's ID as a prop to a protected route. An easier method to achieve this would be to directly get the user ID from the frontend , but for this example, we will pass it from the server side.

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Sergey Sovgut portfolio site. What do I know and study at the moment? /** @use In every project */.

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What is Client Side? Client side means, whatever code is executed on the browser. First Include the import statements, import { getSession } from 'next-auth/client'. Get session info, const session = await getSession(); Now you can fetch any information you have saved in session. session.jwt session.user.

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This means that thanks to this function, I can go fetch some non-static data that is tied to a request. Example showcasing a use case of getServerSideProps for a sample /todos/:id API. 1. import { GetServerSideProps, NextPage } from 'next'; 2. import ErrorPage from 'next/error'; 3. import fetch from 'node-fetch'; 4.

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Note that we pass props to the Card component in two different ways. 1. className and style as standard props where Card component receives them as props.className and 2. The contents within the Card component, i.e., <Card>...</Card> as children where Card component receives then as props.children.

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